Ratched's Children

Those who have encountered the Mythos are forever changed. No longer is the world around them the safe and secure realm they thought they grew up in. Instead, they see shadows in the darkness, pale faces at the window, and when they look up at the stars they see only a thousand  mocking eyes staring back at them. For many it is the start of a descent into outright madness from which only the comfort of oblivion exists. For some lucky individuals the madness is temporary, allowing them to regain (to a greater or lesser degree) their former lives.

How Ratched’s Children came to be in the care of Arkham Sanatorium is not clear, for each arrived independently and each was displaying unrelated psychological conditions. However, all soon developed a firm friendship and, whenever opportunity allowed, they would gather quietly and recount their experiences to one another in hushed tones. Each saw in the others a reflection of themselves: someone touched in inexplicable ways by the Mythos. Although each had encountered the Mythos in a different way, there were common aspects to their experiences. Their worlds had been changed irrevocably and they sought each other’s company.

Over a period of months and years, each one was deemed "cured" and released back into the world. Once back home, they contacted one another and began to work together in accordance with the plan they had set in motion when they were in the asylum. Knowing that no one would ever believe their stories of unearthly creatures and wicked cults, Ratched’s Children had agreed that on their release they would join forces and work together to rid the world of alien horrors. They smiled at the doctors and nurses, palmed their pills, and waited. With a somewhat dark  humour, they call themselves "Ratched’s Children," an in-joke referencing the character from Ken Kesey’s 1962 novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. While each ekes out a living with mundane day jobs, they watch for signs of the Mythos. When one believes a cult to be operating in a particular vicinity, or hears inexplicable tales of unusual beasts, he or she calls the others and together they set about uncovering the truth. Shying away from the spotlight, they prefer to work in the shadows, often inventing false identities to ensure their anonymity when dealing with the authorities. One or two work as recruiters, traveling state to state, visiting psychiatric facilities to spot those who bear the invisible and visible scars of encounters with alien monsters and gods.

In spite of minimal resources, Ratched’s Children can bring to bear a diverse set of skills, knowledge, and experience, although their capacity for mental fortitude can sometimes be
like smoke on the breeze.

Ratched's Children

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