The Resurrectionists

In 1926, a group of people were drawn together through their interest in the occult. They pooled their resources into research and sought-out forgotten lore in mouldering old books hidden away in diverse libraries and private collections.

Over time, the group, calling themselves "the Seekers," began to amass a collection of papers and books describing unearthly magics and strange denizens of other worlds. It was not long before the group split. Some members wanted to experiment with the knowledge contained in the books by casting spells and attempting summonings, while the rest of the Seekers saw this as foolish, believing that the books should not be taken at face value and that a more theoretical
approach was required. Sick of the endless debating, those wishing to take the practical path took matters into their own hands and enacted a summoning rite. All but three involved in the summoning died or went insane. While the rest of the Seekers (who had not taken part) were recovering from the news, the three survivors stole away with the majority of the group's library. The summoning had caused the three survivors to change—they were now vessels of the being that they had summoned and they had a newfound task: to pave the way for the return of the Old Ones.

It didn’t take long for the Seekers to put the pieces together and realise what they had, unwittingly, helped to unleash upon the world. There was only one solution: they would need to track down the three survivors and put an end to their schemes. Thus began the task of investigating all potential Mythos activity in the hope that it would lead back to one or all of the "three". Over many years, the Seekers have discovered and dealt with numerous Mythos threats but the toll has been great, with only five of the original members surviving, and each of them close to death. Unable to give-up and end their task, the remaining five Seekers made a pact to utilize one of the few remaining spells they had at their disposal—the resurrection spell. By careful use of the spell, the group has become effectively immortal and able to continue their work long past their normal lifespans. Today they work in the shadows, recruiting new members to the Seekers to assist in "the great task" of combating the Mythos. Few know the full truth of the Seekers. Those that survive long enough and who demonstrate the correct mindset might be lucky enough to have some secrets whispered to them.

The Resurrectionists (the name adopted by the five original Seekers) work through intermediaries, recruiting and funding teams on both short- and long-term basis. The teams can  comprise people of a wide range of skills and experience. Common to most is a desire to  confront and confound evil; some simply love the danger and adventure of it all, while a few join in to satisfy their craving for strange books and exotic knowledge.

Suggested investigator professions: nurse, dilettante, doctor, engineer, hacker, librarian, smuggler (bootlegger), criminal, journalist, parapsychologist, pilot, police detective, occultist, rivate investigator, professor, soldier, tribe member.

The Resurrectionists

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